Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Beginning or From Here?

In my blog I told of the beginning of a love story but there is an earlier beginning than that. The original story tells of the adventures of three young men who have to join the Army because their country demands that all young men attaining the age of eighteen must serve two years National Service. Some are deferred until they have finished an apprenticeship or have finished a college or university education usually by the age of twenty one. What happens to them during that two years varies. Some return to civilian life virtually unchanged. Some are changed just a little by hardships they had not expected and others return with a watchfullness that shows in men that have experienced the sights and sounds of death. Some don't return at all, they die.

You have a choice. Through my words you can experience all that they did or you can read a version of it that has almost no nasty parts. These young men, mostly working class men, had their naivety drummed out of them and discipline drummed in. It was not their fault or even their instructors fault that a sometimes macabre sense of humour settled within them too. It was laugh or go mad. Oh, yes. Some of them fell in love and a few were saved by it.


kirkbyj05 said...

I'm all for a story being written with all the truths and experiences left in.  War and its actions are an abhorrence and should be seen for that.  Not sugar coated.
It wasn't sugar coated when it happened to the young men who had to defend their country.  And it still isn't sugar coated for those in action in modern times.   Jeanie

jeadie05 said...

My late husband Mick had his national service defered due to serving an aprenticeship and then it was finished when he turned Jan xx

susanebunn said...

Well Jim, I would say that they return (someone has to tell their tale) but have changed through their many traumas of war.  I am SO glad that I finally got to read one of your postings!  It's a good thing I was Johnny on the Spot today!